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Click Book Relax

At A Perfect Face Day Spa, we are making it convenient for you, our busy Clients to make your appointments online by offering a new "Online Booking" that can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is internet.

Here is how it works.... CLICK BOOK RELAX!

1. Contact us to request your client number and password by calling (410) 213-9883 or (800) 476-5524
or by email

The only requirement is:
1. You must have an established account with us (must have history of appointments with us).
2. Now that you have received your information, click on the button "Online Booking" which will prompt you to enter your client number and password. Once the password is confirmed, you will have the ability to view future appointments, make an appointment request for any specific person or service and update address and phone information.
3. Welcome to our Online Booking...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?
A: Go to the spa and provide the front desk staff with the necessary information (credit card, expiration date and your signature) and sign our Internet Booking Terms and Conditions Agreement. Our booking expert will give you your Client Number and a password that you will use to access our online booking system.

Q: What if I've never been to your spa, but want to book an appointment with one of your stylists?
A: Since we must have certain information from you to provide you with the Client Number and password, you will need to contact us by visiting, calling (410) 213-9883 or (800) 476-5524 or email

Q: What if I want to schedule more than one service with more than one staff member during the same appointment?
A: We always encourage our clients to select whichever staff member they want to deliver their services. Our online booking system allows you to book more than one service with more than one staff member.

Q: What if I change my mind after I book the appointment?
A: Although you may book appointments through the online system, you must contact the spa by phone or in person to cancel or change an existing appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for that service that has been booked. Please call us at (410)213-9883 or (800) 476-5524 and booking professional will change or cancel your appointment.

Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment?
A: The system will allow you to book ahead two years into the future. Since schedules can change over time, however, we encourage you to limit your bookings to times that you can manage.

Q: Can I change my internet password?
A: Yes, we do recommend that you change your password periodically. Just call us and we can change it in seconds.